The fastest way to delicious with Electrolux’s wide range of induction cooktops, featuring premium and advanced electric and gas kitchen hobs, enabling you to create more delicious dishes in less time.

BI Hob

Save energy and cook quicker: Enjoy cooking with gas in a new way using our 600 SpeedBurner gas hob. We’ve designed our burners to direct the flame to the bottom of the pots. Meaning cookware heats up quickly, and you can save up to 20% of energy.

SpeedBurner for quick cooking: Our Gas SpeedBurners are the quick and efficient way to cook. Unlike conventional gas hobs, our burners direct the flame to heat the base of pots and pans. This saves up to 20% of energy and cooks food quickly. Perfect for boiling, simmering, searing and frying.

Powerful Wok for fuller flavour: Boost the flavour of your food with our Powerful Wok burner. It delivers high levels of heat that are perfect for searing fresh prawns in a stir-fry or cooking off pastes to make mouth-watering curries. Create delicious flavours with the powerful heat of our burner.

Look professional with a Cast Iron Grid: Your hob will have a professional finish with our Cast Iron Grid. These sturdy pan supports provide a stable base for cooking. Thanks to their durable material, they’ll last for years.

Press for Integrated Ignition: Begin cooking quickly and easily with our Integrated Ignition. To activate the hob, press and turn the knob and the burners will ignite. It’s fast and safe, so you can focus on creating delicious meals.

Gas Safety first: Our Gas Safety feature keeps you safe in the kitchen. It automatically switches off the gas if the flame on your hob accidentally goes out.



    • Hob type: Gas
    • Rotary knob controls
    • Controls position: Front Middle
    • Left front zone: Mariane, Semi Rapid Burner, 1900W/70mm
    • Left rear zone: Mariane, Semi Rapid Burner, 1900W/70mm
    • Middle front zone: No, 0W/mm
    • Middle rear zone: No, 0W/mm
    • Right front zone: Mariane, Rapid Burner, 3000W/100mm
    • Right rear zone: Auxiliary Burner, Mariane, 1000W/54mm
    • Integrated electric ignition through control knob
    • Gas safety thermocouples: gas is cut off at source if the flame fails
    • Cast iron pan supports
    • Gas conversion kit
    • Main colour: Stainless Steel

Key Specifications

Product Typology:

Gas Hob

Main colour:

Stainless Steel

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