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Things to keep in mind when choosing a new kitchen hood

Kitchen cooker hoods (also known as range hoods and extractor hoods) are some of the most essential appliances when it comes to keeping your kitchen and your home clean and comfortable. Not only do they get rid of odors from cooking meals, they also protect your kitchen walls and cabinets from being covered in grease and grime.

When you’re choosing a new kitchen hood, there are some factors you should consider: dimension (size), type, design, and noise level.

Choosing the right kitchen hood size and dimension

What size your kitchen hood should be depends primarily on how much space you have in your kitchen and how big your stove is. To most efficiently remove odors from cooking, the range hood should be the same width as the stove.

For choosing the right extraction rate for your kitchen space, take the volume of your kitchen and multiply it by 10.

Choosing the right kitchen hood type & style

There are several different basic types of cooker hoods for you to choose from:

  • Telescopic cooker hoods (or retractable cooker hood and pop-up cooker hood): These hoods can be switched on and off by sliding it in and out, making it also popularly known as slide out range hood.
  • Wall mounted chimney cooker hoods: These hoods are designed to be exposed and to catch the eye in your kitchen. However, you do lose storage space above your hob.
  • Island cooker hoods (or island mount range hood): These hoods are installed in kitchens that have a hob on the kitchen island. The hood therefore takes a very prominent place in the kitchen.
  • Integrated cooker hoods: These hoods are hidden inside your cabinetry, with only the lower part directly above your hob exposed. They can also be referred to as under cabinet range hoods, built-in extractor hood, or concealed kitchen hoods.

You also need to choose between a ducted or a recirculating cooker hood. A ducted hood transports the extracted air outside your home through ducts and usually uses metal filters which need to be cleaned regularly. Recirculating cooker hoods send the air through carbon filters and back into your kitchen.

Buying a new kitchen hood: Other things to consider

You should consider things like a noise level as well as their design when buying a cooker hood, since it will be a prominent part of your kitchen. Also remember to look for useful technologies like Electrolux’s Hob2Hood, which automatically adjusts your hood settings according to the power you selected on your hob, offering extreme comfort in controlling your hood.

Find more helpful advice on how to choose a kitchen hood from our buying guide.

Choose the best kitchen hood with Electrolux

Electrolux kitchen hoods with their beautiful design and useful functionality are a real eye-catcher. And with their easy to clean surfaces and high-performance engines, they will keep your kitchen air clean and fresh for years to come.

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