Electrolux Hob KGG6436K

Electrolux Hob KGG6436K


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An efficient way to ignite your creativity

An efficient way to ignite your creativity

The Speed Burner in this gas hob from Electrolux is designed to reach the bottom of pots and pans quickly. Delivering a faster, more powerful flame while saving up to 20% on energy.

Powerful heating for fuller flavour

The multi-crown burner in our 4k Wok Burner is designed to provide a more powerful flame. Giving you an extra boost of heat to cook authentic Asian flavours.

The foundation for safer cooking

Our grid of cast-iron supports means that pots and pans can be safely placed on the surface of the hob.

Effortless elegance

Effortless elegance

The gas hob's glass surface is easy to wipe down, keeping your kitchen looking lovely and clean.

Finely-tuned flame

Take control of your hob with our responsive gas taps. They enable you to easily adjust the level of the flame so that you can always cook over the right heat.

Safety without a second thought

Our gas hob is equipped with an automatic safety feature that turns off the gas if the flame accidentally goes out.



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