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Welcome to the Electrolux cooking range product page

Visit our page to select the best quality electric and gas cooking range available in the UAE, KSA, and throughout the Middle East. We have everything for you from gas cookers with electric oven to larger range cookers with induction hobs.

What is a cooking range or a range cooker?

A cooking range (or range cooker) is essential for people cooking in kitchens with limited space that still want to enjoy the advantages of a full-size hob and oven. A range cooker combines these two appliances into one, saving space and adding convenience to your daily cooking.

There are three aspects to consider when choosing a cooking range: size and capacity, fuel type, and other considerations.

Choosing the perfect cooking range size

When you’re choosing a cooking range for your kitchen, you not only need to keep in mind the capacity of the oven, but also the number of burners or cooking zones on the hob. With some freestanding cookers, you even have the option of having two separate ovens, or an additional grill unit.

Electrolux Arabia offers freestanding cooking ranges in widths of either 60cm or 90cm. Their heights range from 85 to 90cm to match the height of your kitchen worktop, and their depths typically measure 60cm.

A standard 60x60 cm cooking range has a capacity of around 60 liters and 4 burners, which is enough to cook delicious meals for individuals, couples and small families of 3.

Being only 30cm wider than a standard cooker, 90cm range cookers with 5 burners are best suited for larger families with up to 5 members, as well as for those who enjoy hosting dinner parties for guests.

There are also slimline cookers with a width of 50cm to save more space, but sacrifice capacity and size of the burners, while range cookers are extra wide, adding more cooking zones and at least one more oven.

Here is our recommendation on how to choose the right cooking range by family size:

Family size

Recommended cooking range size

1 – 3 people

60cm cooking range

4 – 5 people

90cm cooking range

5+ people

100 – 120cm cooking range


Choosing the perfect types of cooking range: Gas cooker or electric cooker?

There are three types of cooking ranges based on fuel options:

  • Freestanding electric cooker: This combines an electric oven with an electric or induction hob, which saves you the effort of adding a gas supply to your home.
  • Freestanding gas cooker: The combination of a gas oven with a gas hob is more cost efficient to run than the electric variant.
  • Dual fuel cooking range: These cookers combine an electric oven with a gas hob, giving you the best of both worlds – uniform cooking in the oven and precise control of the hob.


Other considerations when buying cooking ranges


  • Installation: If you’re opting for gas, consider the need for a gas supply in your house.
  • Cleaning: An oven with catalytic, pyrolytic, or steam cleaning features will save you lots of time cleaning.
  • Safety: With modern safety features like Electrolux’s flame failure devices, gas cookers are just as safe to use as electric ones.


Choose the perfect cooking ranges with Electrolux


Electrolux’s cooking ranges offer high power and capacity to accommodate any meal for your loved ones while ensuring safety with double-glazed doors, child locks or auto-off functions. Enjoy your new freestanding range cooker with peace of mind.

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