How does induction cooking work & How to cook on induction cooktop?

Popular in Europe for years, induction cooking is now taking Asia by storm. A technology based on unbeatable precision, power and safety, it is the only type of cooking that can tempt you away from gas.

In today’s post, Electrolux Arabia will give you a guideline on how to cook on induction cooktops through 10 most frequently asked questions about induction cooking.

1. What is an induction cooktop?

Unlike gas or ceramic radiant hobs, induction cooktop heats the cookware directly rather than heating the stove first. A wonderful consequence of this is that your home remains cool, with no heat emanstovating from your cooktop; something to appreciate in warm tropical weather conditions!

induction hob

2. How does induction cooking work?

Induction cooking takes advantage of an electromagnetic field generated by passing an alternating electric current through a copper coil wire placed in an induction cooker. The produced magnetic field vacillates and induces an eddy electrical current moving in the cookware.

That electrical current flow combines with the electrical resistance of the iron in the cookware, resulting in resistive heating for food cooking. As a result, pots and pans heat themselves with the induction of the electromagnetic field. Thus, your cooktops stay cool to the touch, while your food cooks faster with more precision.

3. What are the benefits of induction cooking?

Induction cooking makes pots and pans heated directly, so the energy used for cooking can be utilized at its best, turning induction cooktops into one of the most energy-efficient kitchen appliances. Rather than depending on indirect conduction, induction stoves provides high power and a rapid temperature change in almost an instant.

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induction suitable for wok cooking

4. Is induction suitable for wok cooking?

Yes. We conducted an experiment to debunk the belief that wok cooking is better on gas because a visible flame seems more powerful.

5. Induction, radiant or gas stove?

Induction cooking has outstanding benefits regarding energy efficiency, power, temperature control, safety, and cleaning effort compared to gas or electric cooking. Learn the comparison between electric, induction, and gas cookers in an infographic.

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Is Induction as powerful or fast as gas

6. Is Induction as powerful or fast as gas?

Induction is faster than other cooking technologies, boiling 1 litre of water in 3 minutes. The induction hob has precise temperature controls for instant transitions from high to low heat.

Is induction glass top easy to crack or scratch

7. Is induction glass top easy to crack or scratch?

Induction glass is made of “ceramic glass” that’s very strong and can withstand high temperatures as well as sudden temperature changes. Scratching, however, can occur if one is careless.

Can I use any pot or pan on induction

8. Which cookware works with induction cooker?

Not any pots and pan can work with induction cooktops. To use induction, your pots have to be magnetic. A simple magnet-test will determine which cookware can be used for your induction cooker.

9. What are the important things I should know before installation?

You should check if you have a sufficient power supply and if the house installation is suitable to run the hob properly. The power requirement is 3.2 KW. Read our Stove & Hob buying guide to find more helpful advice before taking home an induction stove.

10. How safe is induction cooking?

With the unique direct heating operation, induction also creates a safer cooking environment and facilitates kitchen cleanliness, since you can touch and swipe the surface of induction cooktops right after cooking.

Cooking on induction stove: Verdict

Induction technology is still on top of the cooking game because of its excellent performance in intensity, speed, energy savings, safety, and cleanliness. By knowing what an induction cooktop is and how induction cooking works, you are now probably convinced that induction cooking is an ideal solution for your kitchen.

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  • Bridging can create two larger cooking surfaces.
  • Power management prevents electrical outages.
  • PowerBoost provides quick, intense heat.
  • Self-sizing cooking zones adapt to your pots
  • Direct touch control for every zone
  • PowerBoost function to get dishes ready faster
  • PowerBoost provides quick, intense heat.
  • Pause your cooking at the touch of a button.
  • Timer turns off hob automatically after use.
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