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60cm Induction Hob

Our Infinite induction hob has self- sizing cooking zones. They cleverly recognise different pan sizes and shapes straight away and send heat straight into the base of each pan, in precisely the right places. So you can put all your favourite pans on the hob together.

Get the results you want when you’re entertaining friends and family, or cooking large quantities for the freezer. This hob’s Bridge function links two zones together so they act as one, with the same temperature and time setting.

The touch controls on this hob let you turn the heat up, down or off – immediately. They’re precise and easy to use: just use a fingertip to gently slide to the temperature you need. You can be confident they’ll do what you want them to at just the right moment..



  • Independent hob with controls
  • Hob with bevelled frame
  • Controls position: Front Middle
  • Illuminated controls
  • Digital indications for each zone
  • Induction zones with power booster function
  • Pot detection
  • Left front zone: Induction, 2300/3200W/180x210mm
  • Left rear zone: Induction, 2300/3200W/180x210mm
  • Right front zone: Induction, 2300/3200W/180x210mm
  • Right rear zone: Induction, 2300/3200W/180x210mm
  • Automatic fast heating up
  • Stop and Go function for short interruptions
  • Key-lock function
  • Child safety lock function
  • Automatic safety switch off
  • Acoustic signal with switch off option
  • CountUp Timer
  • EcoTimerTM
  • Timer function
  • CleverHeatTM function
  • Easy installation thanks to snap-in system
  • Main colour: Black
  • Direct access rotary
  • Rotary slide controls

Key Specifications

Dimensions (mm):

590 (W) x 520 (D)

Main colour:


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