Grill, bake and roast in one multi-function oven. Or go further with a steam oven that gives your dishes juiciness on the inside and crispiness on the outside.

Built-in Oven

  • A compact two-in-one oven: This compact yet capable oven features both standard oven cooking and microwave cooking functions.
  • Expand your cooking horizon: Use this touch text&icon menu to expand your cooking horizons. It includes help functions and 100 pre-set cooking programs. Plus you can save up to 20 of your own favourite programs.
  • Make every bite taste great: With this multifunctional oven, each dish will taste great. And because it spreads the heat evenly, every mouthful will be equally delicious.

Built-in Oven

  • The extra space you need to suit dishes of all shapes and sizes: At 90cm wide, this oven is wider than standard ovens. So when you're cooking for a party – or using a large, specialist dish – you've got the space you need.
  • Get a virtual peek inside your dish: This FoodProbe gives you a virtual look inside your food so you can check on how it is cooking. What's more, it switches off the oven when your dish is ready.
  • The oven door that stays cool to the touch: Thanks to great insulation, the door stays cool. Never more than 20°C warmer than room temperature, it is always safe to touch.

Built-in Oven

  • Seal in delicious: Use the sous vide function in our oven to replicate restaurant-style results. Cooking at low temperatures infuses and intensifies flavours, meaning delicious tastes and textures are locked in.
  • Always the right cooking settings: The unique Varioguide function give you access to 220 recipes. A full-colour touch screen display provides an inspiring cookbook that describes the ingredients and the way to prepare the dish. The oven automatically sets the correct temperature, humidity and time to suit the selected recipe.
  • More gleam with steam: Now you can ensure your oven gleams after cooking with the steam cleaning programme. A discreet display reminds you that it needs a clean. Then it uses steam to loosen stubborn grease and residue, so a wipe is all it takes to keep your oven spotless.

Built-in Oven

  • A bigger oven, for more flexibility: Enjoy cooking for a crowd with our new, larger oven. The customisable shelf levels and large tray mean that you can change the space to suit your needs. Whether hosting a party or preparing meals for the week ahead, you can cook more at once.
  • Straightforward control – with rotary knobs and countdown function: For simple control, this interface, with its rotary knobs and LED display, gives you direct access to the countdown function and practical cooking modes. When the oven is off, the display shows you the time.
  • Use every inch of space inside – everything will cook evenly: Thanks to the UltraFanPlus heating system with extra- large fan and air-guide design, your dish will cook completely evenly wherever you place it in the oven.

60cm Gas Oven w/Gas Grill

  • This Electrolux gas oven has an extra-large cavity and a big grill surface allowing you great results each and every time. Your roasted dishes will always be grilled and browned evenly, looking and tasting just the way you expect them to be.
  • This oven offers you a great level of flexibility, which means you can cook even more at once. It has a 70- litre capacity and the largest tray around.
  • The rotating spit is the easiest way to guarantee the perfect roast, with a crispy crust and a wonderful brown colour all over.

60cm PlusSteam Catalytic Oven

  • The PlusSteam function on this oven simply uses a touch of steam to create a richer and glossier colour, a crispier crust and soft delicious texture for all your home-baked bread.
  • This oven actually helps you to get it clean. The cavity has a clever catalytic coating that absorbs and oxidises grease, so cleaning is easier.
  • Thanks to the UltraFanPlus heating system with extra- large fan and air-guide design, your dish will cook completely evenly wherever you place it in the oven

60cm PlusSteam Pyro self clean Oven

  • The PlusSteam function on this oven simply uses a touch of steam
  • With the Pyro self-clean oven, you can get your oven completely clean
  • This plug-in food temperature probe gives you more insight into your food.

90x60cm Gas Oven Gas Grill

  • Easy to clean door glass thanks to the removable oven doors and glass panels.
  • Central positioned fan for better cavity air circulation and browning results when grilling, roasting and baking.
  • Rotary knobs to easily select temperature and heating mode.

60cm Multi-function Oven

  • Multi-functional oven with ring heating element
  • Oven energy class: A
  • Oven cooking functions: Bottom, Fan + light, Fan + ring, Fan + ring + bottom, Fan + top + grill, Grill, Light, Top + bottom, Top + grill