The secret to great taste

What if we told you your favourite dish in the world could be even better. Not many people know that the secret to great taste isn’t just the ingredients, but the tools that you use. Professionals chefs do. So we’ve put their best technology into appliances you can have in your kitchen. They’re our secret ingredient because they make the seemingly impossible, deliciously possible. And we can’t wait for you to try it.

Cook the impossible

Sublime salmon

There’s a secret to cooking salmon with a perfect, crispy skin. After all, you still want to taste the freshness of the fish on top. And you still want a delicious flake to your fillet. That combination of textures and flavours is enough to leave anyone wanting seconds – even if it means no room for dessert. That secret is to master the heat with an induction hob.

What makes induction special?

More powerful than other hobs, induction makes it easy to get whatever cookware you use intensely hot. So your salmon begins to crisp immediately. The technology is also incredibly responsive. You can precisely control the temperature and adjustments can be made with ease. So you can keep your fillets at full flakiness and full deliciousness.

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Game-changing chicken

There’s a way to get maximum flavour from your roast chicken. A method that’ll make you wish it would last just one more mouthful. Each bite is a perfect complement of juiciness and crispiness. And every last morsel is packed with flavoursome nutrients and vitamins. For a healthier, tastier and memorable roast chicken, you need a combination of steam and heat.

What makes steam special?

Because steam ovens use steam and conventional heat (like in your oven at home) you get a marvellous mix of tastes and textures. The steam keeps your chicken succulent, while the heat gives you a golden brown crisp. Plus it’s more gentle, so it protects nutrients and vitamins to boost flavour. With the right oven, great taste is easy: just add steam.

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Their craft, our products

Professionals spend years perfecting their craft. They need to know flavour inside out and understand an A-Z of ingredients. But to create something special they still need the best tools. They use our steam ovens and induction hobs to bring their vision to life. And achieve results that are impossible with standard counterparts. These professionals all share one secret ingredient: Electrolux.

With the right tools and recipes you can elevate every delicious dish you prepare for your loved ones. From birthday cakes to freshly-baked loaves, home baking is a great way to put a smile on their faces. So fill your cakes, breads and pastries with imagination to make their day. Or simply treat yourself. We have just the right products for the job.

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