Induction hobs from Electrolux

Why choose induction?

Induction cooking helps you create more delicious dishes in less time. It heats quicker than any other type of hob, and the precise heat control can switch from searing to simmering in an instant. Whether you prefer a quick pasta, or a slow-simmering stew, choose induction. It’s a quicker, safer and tastier way of cooking.

Wipe clean instantly

What makes induction hobs safe and efficient also makes them easy to clean. Because the surface around the pans stays cool during cooking you can get rid of spills as you go along. Nothing gets burnt on, and the sleek, flat surface means there’s nowhere for dirt to hide. So you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your food.

The right heat in an instant

Induction gives you the exact amount of heat you need in an instant. Making small adjustments to get the results you want is effortless, just slide the controls and the heat changes straight away. So you can hold a sauce at just the right temperature with no danger of burning. And exact heat control means less energy is wasted, which is good news for your electricity bills too.

The fastest kitchen partner

Instant heat boost

Enjoy great meals faster with the Booster button. It’s perfect for cooking last-minute vegetables, pasta and other quick jobs.

Pause and resume

Don’t let interuptions stop your cooking. One touch of the Stop & Go button pauses the cooking, and another puts you back exactly where you left off.

Electrolux induction hobs

Our Infinite™ Pure induction hobs combine outstanding performance with eye catching design. For greater flexibility, Infinite™ with FlexiBridge makes complex meals with large pans or lots of dishes simple. And, for the very best in home cooking, Infinite™ Combi lets you place any-sized cookware anywhere on its FreeZone, for unrivalled cooking creativity.


Induction Hob

  • Automatic fast heating up
  • Stop & Go function for short interruptions
  • Child safety lock function


60cm Induction Hob

  • Digital indications for each zone
  • Induction zones with power booster function
  • Pot detection
  • Stop & Go function for short interruptions


90cm Induction Hob

  • Direct Access
  • Illuminated controls

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