Electrolux steam ovens

Why choose an oven with steam?

Steam ovens are the easiest way to make good food taste even better. You get everything a regular oven has plus the added benefits of steam. Whether you’re roasting meat or baking bread, adding a little steam makes food crisp on the outside and full of flavour on the inside.

Steam cooking in your kitchen

The best ovens make cooking great tasting food effortless. Our steam ovens are regular ovens with the option of adding steam. Steam works in harmony with traditional heat to enhance flavours and textures. So you can continue to cook all your favourite recipes, but meat will be tenderer and bread will rise higher. With steam, it’s simple to create great dishes time after time.

Steam cooking in your kitchen

Adding a little steam to your salmon makes a big difference. The extra humidity retains the salmon’s natural colour, preserves nutrients and improves flavour. So when you take your salmon out the oven you’ll enjoy a beautifully flaky, tender and delicate tasting fillet of fish. See the difference steam can make for yourself in our comparison video.

Electrolux steam ovens

With Electrolux, it’s easy to find the right steam oven for you. The CombiSteam is great for roasts and bakes. With the CombiSteam Deluxe, you can blend traditional heat and advanced steam functions for mouth-watering taste combinations. And CombiSteam Pro, our best steam oven, gives you all the features of the CombiSteam Deluxe, plus sous vide functions for delicious results.


CombiSteam Deluxe Oven

  • Enhance every meal by combining conventional heat and steam
  • Enjoy more options with even more steam programmes


CombiSteam Pro Oven

  • Create dishes exactly to your taste with precise humidity controls
  • The most advanced steam cooking with Sous Vide functions

More benefits of steam ovens

Why choose Sous Vide?

Sous Vide cooking vacuum seals ingredients to create amazing tasting dishes. And with the CombiSteam Pro, it’s no longer just for professional chefs. Simply add your ingredients and seasoning to a Sous Vide bag and seal in a vacuum sealer. Then place in the oven to gently steam cook. Look at the difference Sous Vide makes to duck. The skin browns perfectly, yet the inside is juicy and packed with flavour.

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