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Chia pudding with Almond Butter

Behold! The cleverest invention since the toaster and the peanut butter! Welcome to Now You’re Cooking, dear chia pudding. Thanks to you, hungry people from all over the world can get the best out of two worlds: A sleep-in (since the making often takes place the night before) and the feeling of a Saturday breakfast on a gloomy Tuesday morning.

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Almond Pancakes

The first pile of pancakes wasn’t found in a diner somewhere along the American west coast as one might think. It actually dates back to 1497 BC, found in an ancient tomb in the late 70’s somewhere in the outskirts of Cairo. The mural portrayed a group of people fighting. After some professional dusting it became clear what caused the fight. The last pancake.

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Expressionist Collection ®

Spice up your everyday. Our range of products with smart and innovative features helps you to refine and add a twist to your everyday cooking – be it by setting the exact right temperature for your tea, or simply knowing your toast will turn out just the way you want it.

Creative Collection ®

Created for a no-fuss approach to cooking, the Creative Collection will help you to cook exactly how you want to. No unnecessary knobs, crooks or hooks – simply well-made products that let you focus on cooking and maybe adding a twist to your recipe that turns your everyday dish into something extraordinary.

Kitchen Assistant

Explore whatever suits your palate in the kitchen – based on our decade-long experience with professionals and featuring a 1000W motor and 10-step speed control, Assistant will handle any task.

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