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How to use detergents in front load washing machines?

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The efficiency of your washing machine depends greatly on the type of detergent and how you use it for washing.

However, there are many types of detergents in the market, making customers confused about the one they should choose. Some are designed to be used for hand washing, or with only washing machines; some are made for removing tough stains, and some are for delicate items like silk and woolen.

Also, due to the differences in washing mechanisms, there are different detergents for front-load and top-load washing machines.

In this article, Electrolux Arabia will briefly compare front-load and top-load washing machines so that you know how to use detergent in front load washing machines. Extra tips on how to put liquid detergent in washing machine will also be provided.

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Differences between front load and top load washing machines

The main difference between these two types of washing machines is the location of the door. For top-load washing machines, you put in the laundry from the top, whereas front loaders are opened from the front of the machine.

Top load washing machines have an agitator in the drum, so they consume more water and have a longer washing cycle. Front loaders, on the other hand, have no agitator and clean laundry using tumbling. Find out more about the differences between front load and top load washing machines here.

After gaining a basic understanding of the two types of washing machines, we can now move on to determining which detergent should be used with each washer.

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Three types of washing machine detergents

Hand wash powder

This is designed for washing clothes by hand or for semi-automatic washing machines which need more water and suds (foam) to remove stains with less agitation. Since this type of detergent produces more suds, it takes more time in dissolving.

Machine wash powder

This is commonly used in a fully automatic washing machine where you generally require less water and detergent to clean your laundry. It takes less time to dissolve, yet it is harsher on your clothes and not suitable for hand washing. 

Liquid detergent

This is the most widely used detergent and can completely dissolve in the water even in cold water, thereby not leaving any residue on the clothes. It is also can be used in a fully automatic washing machine.

The table below summaries the different usage of those three detergents:




Hand wash powder

- Hand washing

- Semi-automatic washing machines

- Remove tough stains

- Fully-automatic washing machines

Machine wash powder

- Fully-automatic washing machines

- Wash whites

- Remove outdoor stains or soil

- Hand washing 

- Semi-automatic washing machines

Liquid detergent

- Fully-automatic washing machines

- Pre-treat stains

- Remove greasy stains

- Wash colors and baby clothes

- Hand washing

- Semi-automatic washing machines


What is the best detergent for front load washing machines?

A top-load washing machine needs a detergent that generates a lot of suds because it has an agitator or pulsator in the drum. It also requires more water and washing cycles to clean your laundry.

However, the best laundry detergent for front-loaders is high-efficiency (HE) detergent. Because a front-load washing machines uses less water than its top-load counterpart, the low suds formula of the HE detergent produces less lather and removes all the dirt and detergent residue with less water.

How to use detergent in washing machine.3
If you use any type of detergent that is not HE in a front loader, it may cause excessive foam, which creates a residue of detergent over the clothes and machine. Plus, this can also block up the system, which can prevent the washer from draining out water from the washer and, in turn, cause more suds.

Many washing machine’s manufacturers recommend only HE detergents for use with their front-load washing machine. Don’t use regular detergents in an HE washer as it could overflow the machine.

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How to use detergent in front-load washing machine?

Put liquid detergent into the right compartment

There are usually 3 compartments inside a front-load washing machine, which are:

  • Pre-wash compartment.
  • Main wash detergent.
  • Fabric softener/conditioner.

The ‘main wash’ compartment is located on the left side and this is where you pour the liquid detergent into when you want to clean your clothes.

Before you pop in your detergent, you should consider what you’re planning on washing, and read the packaging to put the correct amount into the load.

The pre-wash compartment is located on the right side. This is where you pop in some detergent when you’re going to do a ‘pre-wash’ cycle.

The smallest compartment in your washing machine drawer will be your fabric softener slot.

Put the right amount of liquid detergent

As a rule of thumb, a tablespoon is the correct measure of liquid detergent for front loading washing machines per regular load size.

A more sustainable laundry routine

Through Better living program, Electrolux seeks to inspire changes and shape a more sustainable world.

Electrolux washing machines do more than just clean. With AutoDose feature, you don’t have to be worried about the amount of detergent used. The AutoDose technology precisely measures the amount of clothes in the drum and automatically releases the correct dose of liquid detergent and softener, for great cleaning performance with less wear and tear.

Plus, our StainCare technology automatically detects dirt and soil levels and adjusts the cycle duration accordingly. Our washing machine can effortlessly remove 49 different visible stains, including oil, red wine, mud and chocolate stains.

See some top pick Electrolux washing machines from our UltimateCare series:

  • UltraWash offers perfect cleaning at lower temperatures for less energy
  • Gentle care drum protects your delicate clothes
  • SteamCare reduces wrinkles by 30%
  • SteamCare refreshes clothes without washing.
  • AutoSense adjusts cycles to reduce wear and tear.
  • EcoBall lowers detergent loss to improve cleaning.
  • Abaya cycle is designed for gentle cleaning.
  • StainCare removes 40 different visible stains*.
  • UltraMix prevents visible detergent residue*.

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FAQs about detergents for front load washing machines

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