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Welcome to Electrolux top load washing machine product page

Discover laundry efficiency with Electrolux top load washing machines. Our fully automatic top load clothes washers range from 11kg up to 15kg capacity.

What is a top load washing machine?

A top load automatic washing machine, also known as a top loader or top load washer, features a conveniently placed door at the top, allowing for easy vertical laundry loading. This design is especially suitable for tight spaces, eliminating concerns about door swing space.

Benefits of top load washing machines

Top load clothes washers are more compact than their front-loading counterparts, making them a perfect fit for areas with limited space.

The top-loading design facilitates easy access for loading and unloading laundry and offers a more affordable starting price. These machines are user-friendly, allowing you to add laundry mid-cycle without the risk of water spillage.

Here is a comparison article regarding the differences between front-load and top-load washing machines for your further information.

Find good top load washing machines from Electrolux

Our top-rated top load washing machines come with inverter motor for energy-efficient operation, frequently used wash cycle memory functions for convenience, along with 12 wash programs and numerous smart features:

  • UltraMix technology: This feature pre-mixes detergent and fabric softener with water, ensuring deeper cleaning and preventing detergent residues on clothes.
  • PowerJet technology: Utilizes high-pressure water jets for a thorough wash, ensuring that your laundry is completely clean and free from detergent clumps.
  • ActiveFlow: Provides gentle washing action to reduce tangling and twisting of clothes, keeping them in pristine condition.
  • AutoLevel: Intelligent water level adjustment based on the laundry load, reducing water consumption by up to 25%.
  • Integrated drum cleaning feature for guaranteed hygiene.

Choosing a good and reliable top load washer involves more than just capacity, size, and types. Explore our guide to learn how to choose a washing machine.

Discover more comprehensive laundry solutions from Electrolux Arabia with our energy-saving front load washing machines and washer dryers.

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