Electrolux Oven EOG2100AOX

Electrolux Oven EOG2100AOX


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Grilled to perfection

Grilled to perfection

With this ovens electric grill you can delight your table guests to perfectly grilled dishes nicely browned and crispy.

The easy spit roast

The easy spit roast

The rotating spit is the easiest way to guarantee the perfect roast, with a crispy crust and a wonderful brown colour all over.

Capable gas cooking

This full gas oven offers a reliable and capable kitchen solution that features practical basic functions to help you achieve good cooking results.

Controlled oven cooking

Make sure that none of your dishes overcook or get burned, thanks to this oven's convenient cooking timer.

The safe gas oven

Automatic gas turn-off monitors the gas flame and automatically switched the gas supply off when the flame goes out.



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