Electrolux Cooker EKK925A0OX

Electrolux Cooker EKK925A0OX


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Easily fired up

Easily fired up

All it takes to start up this hob and oven is a simple twist of the knob whilst pressing down the knob, so the flame will be sparked.

Impress with the perfect spit roast, straight out of your oven

Impress with the perfect spit roast, straight out of your oven

This rotating spit is the easiest way to make sure you can serve up the perfect roast – it's completely automatic, so you don't need to turn it.

See at a glance – make instant heat adjustments

With this full gas cooker, you can see at a glance how much gas you are using – and make instant adjustments. It's the pleasure of immediate control.

Better heat distribution for even cooking results

Crisp pastry, evenly cooked pies, well browned joints of meat -- the XXL Fan ensures heat is circulated evenly throughout the oven, meaning consistent results wherever your food has been placed.

Keep your pans steady and the heat in the right place

Safe and long lasting, our cast-iron pan supports provide a robust cooking surface with a highly professional appearance.

Take full control of your baking and grilling

Many gas cooker's have one control knob with separate sectors for grill and bake. Our top of the range models feature different controls, giving you the potential to bake and grill multiple dishes at the same time.



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