Tumble Dryers

Electrolux’s new PerfectCare Collection is an ingenious blend of styling and technology, offering outstanding performance for gentle and efficient washing and drying.

Front load Tumble Dryer

  • Your style, completely preserved: You can be assured that clothes will stay looking and feeling great with the DelicateCare System in our PerfectCare 800 tumble dryer. It adjusts to the right temperature for the garment while the motion of the drum is tailored to the specific fabric.
  • Customised cycles, tailored care: Our DelicateCare System adjusts temperature and motion to fabric for exactly the correct care. The quality of clothes preserved.
  • Precision drying for every load: Our SmartSense System detect the humidity of each item in a load. This means that all clothes are evenly dried and protected from overheating for absolute drying precision.

Front Load Tumble Dryer

  • Your everyday, dried with care: Our excellent PerfectCare 600 tumbler dryer with SensiCare System identifies the moisture level of each load using special sensors and adjusts the drying time accordingly. Meaning even the smallest load is never exposed to too much heat.
  • Less time, more care: Our SensiCare System adjusts the drying time to the moisture levels in each load. Saving time and energy without compromising on care.
  • Your style, your schedule: Our Delay Start helps you adjust the start of the drying cycle to suit your schedule. Simply enter the time you would like drying to automatically start and leave the machine to do the rest.