Tumble Dryers

Electrolux’s new PerfectCare Collection is an ingenious blend of styling and technology, offering outstanding performance for gentle and efficient washing and drying.

Front Load Tumble Dryer

Your everyday, dried with care: Our excellent PerfectCare 600 tumbler dryer with SensiCare System identifies the moisture level of each load using special sensors and adjusts the drying time accordingly. Meaning even the smallest load is never exposed to too much heat.

Less time, more care: Our SensiCare System adjusts the drying time to the moisture levels in each load. Saving time and energy without compromising on care.

Your style, your schedule: Our Delay Start helps you adjust the start of the drying cycle to suit your schedule. Simply enter the time you would like drying to automatically start and leave the machine to do the rest.

Set the angle of your door to suit: The door on the Electrolux tumble dryer can be cleverly adjusted during installation to open at four different positions. Meaning the best possible fit with your other appliances, whether they are stacked on top of each other or adjacent to one another.

Delicates, now dried gently: With our Delicate Option even delicates can be entrusted to the drum. The programme reduces the temperature in the chosen cycle to provide gentle care during drying.

Your style, dried effortlessly: The extra-large door ensures everything can be accommodated with ease, even oversized or heavy garments.



  • Condenser dryer: the moisture is condensed into a water container, no outside ventilation required
  • Sensor dryer: the dryer senses when the clothes are dried to the level specified
  • Additional time controlled drying programs
  • Special drying programs: Bedlinen, Cotton Eco, Cottons, Delicates, Denim, Duvet, Easy Iron, Mix, Refresh, Shirts, Sport, Synthetics
  • Reverse tumble action loosens the clothes and prevents tangling and creasing
  • Display type: Touch LCD
  • Delay start option
  • Drying status indication for: Anti-crease/end, Cool down, Drying
  • Indications for: Condenser, Filter, Tank
  • Condense tank position and capacity: Panel left, 5.28 l
  • Inverter motor technology
  • Feet: 4 adjustable feet
  • Full load capacity: 8.0 kg
  • Door hinge: Left reversible by user

Key Specifications

Dimensions (mm):

850 (h) x 596 (w) x 630 (d)

Main colour:


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