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Keep the air cool in any room of your house with an Electrolux portable air conditioner. Our energy efficient air conditioners are ideal for climate control on the hottest, or even the coolest days.

Air Conditioner

At Electrolux, we work hard everyday to shape living for the better. With that in mind, our air conditioners are designed and manufactured to provide comfort and well-being to our consumers. Inspired by our Scandinavian roots, our AC’s are durable, efficient and high-performing.

Tropical Compressor: Equipped with a special tropical compressor that is made to withstand extreme T3 temperature conditions.

High Durability: Our AC’s undergo drop tests, max. temperature cooling tests, reliability tests, lifetime tests, comfort tests and various other tests to ensure that we only provide the highest quality air conditioners to our consumers. We even perform more than six tests to the AC’s remote control. Quality is assured at Electrolux.

Follow Me: With this technology, a temperature sensor is built in the remote control. When you stay close to the remote control, the unit will automatically change the operation mode to supply comfortable temperature just like the air conditioner is following you.

Turbo Mode: With this function, the air conditioner will maximize the output of cooling or heating capacity, make the room cool down or heat up rapidly, and attain the desired temperature in the shortest time (up to 9 degrees per hour).

Self Cleaning: When this function is activated, firstly the indoor unit operates as cooling mode with low fan speed, during this period the condensed water will take some dust on evaporator fins away. After that the unit turns to heating operation with low fan speed which drys the inside of indoor unit. Finally it turns to fan-only mode and blows away the wet air. The internal side of the indoor unit gets cleaned and prevents the breeding of bacteria.

3D Air Flow: Combines vertical & horizontal auto swing to ensure an even distribution of air throughout the room.

Active Carbon Filter: Deodorize peculiar smell such as pollen and ammonia, absorb poisonous gas. By forming positive positions on the filter surface, Electrostatic Fiber Filter traps small dust particles, smoke and pet fur to prevent allergic reactions.



  • Memory Function: Yes
  • Auto Fan: Yes
  • Follow Me: Yes
  • Light: Yes
  • 24 HourTimer ON and Timer OFF: Yes
  • Air Direction Control – Horizontal Swing: Yes
  • Air Direction Control – Vertical Swing: Yes
  • Delicate Dust Filter: Yes
  • Self-diagnose: Yes
  • Water-proof of Outdoor (IP24): Yes

Key Specifications

Cooling Capacity (W):


T1 EER (W/W):


High Ambient (T1/T3):




Compressor Type:


Refrigeration Type:


Indoor Unit Dimension (W/D/H)( mm):


Indoor Unit Dimension of Package (W/D/H)( mm):


Outdoor Unit Dimension (W/D/H)( mm):


Outdoor Unit Dimension of Package (W/D/H)( mm):


Indoor Unit Weight (Kg):


Indoor Shipping Weight (Kg):


Outdoor Unit Weight (Kg):


Outdoor Shipping Weight (Kg):


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