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Keep the air cool in any room of your house with an Electrolux portable air conditioner. Our energy efficient air conditioners are ideal for climate control on the hottest, or even the coolest days.

Split Air Conditioner


CoolBlaster: The new Electrolux CoolBlaster with the unique TurboCooling System is built to endure extreme weather conditions. At Electrolux, we are striving to create products that continuously improve the well-being of you and your loved ones.

3D Air Flow: Combines Vertical and Horizontal auto swing to ensure an even distribution of air throughout the room.

Extreme Climate Durability: A powerful compressor in combination with the Blue Fin coating ensure your air conditioner will stand up to harsh climates.

Self Diagnosis: System will shut off in case of unexpected failure while simultaneously displaying an error message on the panel.

Outdoor Model: ES24K18BCCO



AC Type: Cool Only

Compressor: Rotary

Type Ambient: T3

Type Refrigerant: R410a

Cooling Capacity (W)) Model: 9126

Country of  Origin: Thailand

Warranty: 2yr full, 7yr sealed system

TI EER (Btu): 11.806



Control: Electronic

Display: Digital

Memory Function: Yes

Fan Speeds (CO / Fan /Heat): 4 / 3 /

Follow Me: Yes

Air Direction Control (Horizontal / Vertical): Yes / Yes

Turbo mode and X-Fan: Yes


Additional features:

Color: White

Hertz: 50

Volts: 220-240

Unit Dimensions (W x H x D): 1259 x 282 x 362

Unit Weight: 22.2  KG

Carton Dimensions (W x H x D): 1340x 380 x 450

Carton Weight: 28.0 KG

Container Loading 20’/40’/40’HC (Without TK): 42/88/104

Container Loading 20’/40’/40’HC (With TK): 42/88/104

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