An air conditioner that cleans

PureBreeze with PureO₂ system

At home, we drink filtered water and try to eat healthily, but we can sometimes forget about the quality of our air. Poor indoor air is a growing health concern and can lead to breathing problems. Our new PureBreeze air conditioner doesn’t just provide cool air, it provides clean air. So you’ll get the best quality of air possible.

Keep your home healthy

Cool and revitalise the air you and your loved ones breathe every day. As air quality diminishes, it’s more important than ever to keep a sanctuary at home. Our PureO₂ system kills 99% of bacteria and tackles mildew, allergens and viruses. All while banishing odours and eliminating smoke. This isn’t just air conditioning, this is air purification.

Whisper-quiet comfort

To help you relax at home, we’ve made sure PureBreeze is quiet enough to sleep through. Its inverter motor is whisper quiet. So you can enjoy pure air through the night and wake up feeling energised. For a great night’s sleep, it helps ensure your desired temperature stays constant.

Healthy air for you and your family


PureBreeze with PureO₂ system

  • Breathe easy – the health filter kill 99% of bacteria
  • Sleep easy – the inverter motor is quiet and energy efficient
  • Easy on the eye – PureBreeze is a Red Dot design award winner

Award winning design

Our sleek, curved, stainless-steel air conditioner has won a 2015 Red Dot award. Red Dot is the international seal of outstanding design. As well as style, they base their awards on innovation, quality, durability and other key attributes. PureBreeze won because the balanced, harmonious design blends stylishly into and enhances any home.

Make mosquitoes buzz off

Enjoy cool, fresh and healthy air, undisturbed by mosquitoes. PureBreeze emits harmless ultrasonic waves that keep mosquitoes away. So you can relax in your cool, bug-free home sanctuary anytime day and night.

Safeguard your sanctuary

PureBreeze will keep your home the perfect sanctuary even through sandstorms and searing heat. Its advanced inverter technology can carrying on cooling in the most extreme weather conditions. So your home is always full of refreshing, clean air when you need it most.