30cm built-in gas ceramic hob with 2 burners

30cm built-in gas ceramic hob with 2 burners

  • EGC3322NOK
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  • Let you build your own tailored mix of cooking methods
  • Offer 2 sizes of burner to fit different-sized pots & pans
  • Easy to clean ceramic glass surface

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30cm built-in gas ceramic hob with 2 burners
(13 reviews)
Different cooking methods each have benefits and advantages. Using these modular models, you don't need to choose between them to build a set of cooking methods that enable you to let loose in the kitchen. Whether you want to combine gas with radiant or throw induction into the mix, everything is possible.

Your unique kitchen – tailored to suit you

Combine this modular hob with other modular hobs from Electrolux to build your own tailored mix of cooking methods – choose from gas, induction and radiant.
Robust, long-lasting support when cooking, for every meal

Robust, long-lasting support when cooking, for every meal

This gas hob features high-quality cast-iron pan supports. With such sturdy supports, you will have a robust and stable base for cooking, for a long time to come.
Pots and pans come in all shapes and sizes. To make the most of this variety, you need a hob with different sizes of burners too. This hob has two different burner sizes. Thanks to this feature, you have more freedom and flexibility to use your pots and pans in new ways.

More flexibility for using pans of different sizes

Because this hob has two different sizes of burner, it gives you more flexibility for using your different-sized pots and pans more effectively.
The control knobs on this hob control more than the temperature – they also control ignition. By cleverly combining both functions, Electrolux can get you cooking straight away. Simply twist the knob to open the gas supply, press the knob down to ignite a spark, and your cooking adventures can start.

Automatic hob ignition allows you to get started without delay

By cleverly combining heat control and the ignition in one push-and-twist button, you can fire up your hob instantly and get cooking in no time.
For a practical way to boost safety in your kitchen, this gas hob has been fitted with thermocouples, which cleverly monitor your flame. Should it be accidentally blown out, then this innovative feature will automatically cut off the flow of gas. It's a clever way of offering peace of mind.

A practical solution gives you peace of mind

If the flame of your gas burner is accidentally blown out, this hob's innovative technology can detect it, and automatically cut off the gas supply.
The hob has a full ceramic glass surface, which is very easy to clean. All it takes it to wipe it down, and you have a clean hob once again. Effortlessly and convenient.

The wipe-down surface

The ceramic glass surface of this hob is so easy to clean. A simple wipe, and you are done.


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