271L bottom freezer refrigerator

271L bottom freezer refrigerator

  • ENN2801EOW
(34 reviews)
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  • LowFrost system prevents the build-up of frost
  • FastFreeze system freezes fresh foods quickly
  • Internal Touch Controls offer effortless temperature management

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271L bottom freezer refrigerator
(34 reviews)
Defrost less often

Defrost less often

Thanks to the integrated system in the 300 LowFrost Fridge-freezer, staying free from ice has never been easier. Our system reduces frost build-up, so you defrost your freezer less often.
Less freezer maintenance, with LowFrost

Less freezer maintenance, with LowFrost

The integrated LowFrost system maintains your freezer's temperature to help prevent the build-up of frost. For better performance and less maintenance.
Humidity control for fresh greens

Humidity control for fresh greens

Enjoy delicious vegetables with our Humidity Control drawer. By managing the moisture in the air, it creates the best environment to store food. Closing the vents creates the ideal space for storing herbs and leafy greens, while opening the vents gives optimum storage.
Effortless temperature management

Effortless temperature management

Internal Touch Controls provide effortless management of the temperature and settings. You can make fast changes with the touch of a button. Plus, the temperature display relays instant feedback on the current settings.
Maintain perfect texture with FastFreeze

Maintain perfect texture with FastFreeze

The FastFreeze system freezes fresh foods quickly so that vitamins, textures, flavours, and all healthy qualities are better preserved.

Convenient vegetable drawers

The two half width vegetable drawers allow you to separately store all your fresh fruits and vegetables.


Extremely silent
Freezer shelves
Net capacity freezing compartment
Built-in HxWxD (mm)
Fridge freezer colour/design
Appliance HxWxD (mm)
Other internal freezer features: Ice scraper
Freezer drawers: 3 Full Width, Transparent Plastic
Door hinges placement
Fast Freeze function with auto return to normal settings
Fan air circulation for even temperature throughout the fridge
Automatic defrosting of the cooling compartment
1780 mm built-in height
UAE_3 Star, 1772mm, 198/73L, Electronic Touch Internal, Static cooling technology, Static low frost freezer,White with Right & Reversible handle.
Refrigerator shelves
Egg tray
Refrigerator lighting
Internal LED light
Net capacity refrigeration compartment: 198 l
Electronic touch controls with LED indications
Action Freeze function freezes food fast and preserves flavour and vitamins
Fridge Freezer
For fully integrated, slide door installation


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