Kitchen machines

Bring creativity to your kitchen with the Electrolux Assistant - our range of powerful stand mixers for the kitchen. Kitchen mixer attachments let you mix dough, home-made pasta and more.


Transform everyday challenges in the kitchen for enjoyable moments with your very own culinary assistent. 1000W power, dough hook , whisk, beater and two large stainless steel bowls allows you to prepare a feast for twenty people or a dinner for just two.

  • Your powerful kitchen Assistent: Are you going to cook for your family or a nice dinner for your friends ? Whenever you need more than two hands , the Electrolux Assistent kitchen machine with a 1000W motor that can do all the hard work – like kneading , whisking , mashing and more – so you don’t have to.
  • Thoughtful details, to make things easier: You can rely on the Electrolux Assistent making your baking or cooking experience easier and more intuitive. An inbuilt blue LED light helps you look at the ingredients in the bowl better.
  • Versatile at any speed: You can adjust the Electrolux Assistent with various speed settings to suit your needs. It has two different sized bowls and 10 speed settings , which allow you to control everything with ease.
  • Accessories to make your life easier: The EKM4400AR comes with a metal hook , a whisk and flat beater to make it easy to knead dough, or to mash potatoes, whip cream or stir cake batter until smooth . It also comes with a meat grinder attachment and a slicer/shredder with 4 metal cones so you can even think of cooking more than dessert with your Assistent. An additional stainless steel bowl adds to your convenience and helps you work faster.

Key Specifications




4.8L Bowl with handles + 2.9L Bowl

Body Material:

Die Cast Aluminum Body


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