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4 Safety Precision

The 4 Safety Precision from Electrolux gives you an ironing experience that combines safety with high precision to ensure perfect creases and collars with minimal effort.

  • 4 Safety Precision has been designed to get rid of the most stubborn creases while still caring for your fabrics. Its soleplate features an impressive number of 500 steam holes which deliver powerful steam and allow for even diffusion from top to bottom, giving you the ultimate steam performance. Its powerful vertical steam feature allows you to steam iron delicate fabrics, whilst the automatic steam adjustment generates the optimum amount of steam to suit the fabric selected.
  • Easy access to narrow and delicate areas: 4 Safety Precision features a stainless steel precision tip which allows you to get in and around tricky areas, iron fine collars or in between shirt buttons, or even step up to the challenge of ironing a pleated skirt. With the 4 Safety Precision tip ironing those difficult areas is no longer a hassle.
  • Excellent results, effortless ironing: 4 Safety Precision has a unique soleplate, superior number of steam holes and specially shaped tip are the reason why you can enjoy crisp results on any type of fabric. Its powerful steam allows for excellent results, whilst its soleplate’s special hard anodised aluminium coating delivers a smooth glide for effortless ironing.

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3way safety auto-off & Safety Light Guide:

For a very safe ironing experience

Precision point for exact ironing:

For the perfect creases and collars


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