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Built-in Gas Hob

That super-intense heat you need for wok cooking: Thanks to the high-power triple-crown burner on our hob, you can create an extremely intense flame. It’s exactly the kind of heat you need for wok cooking.

A natural movement, all the way from low heat to high: At the front of this hob are the rotary control knobs. They’re designed to be easy to twist and turn when you change the power levels of your hob.

Robust, long-lasting support when cooking, for every meal: This gas hob features high-quality cast-iron pan supports. With such sturdy supports, you will have a robust and stable base for cooking, for a long time to come.

Automatic hob ignition allows you to get started without delay: By cleverly combining heat control and the ignition in one push-and-twist button, you can fire up your hob instantly and get cooking in no time.

A practical solution gives you peace of mind: If the flame of your gas burner is accidentally blown out, this hob’s innovative technology can detect it, and automatically cut off the gas supply.



  • Hob type: Gas
  • Rotary knob controls
  • Controls position: Front Middle
  • Left front zone: Semi Rapid Burner, 2000W/70mm
  • Left rear zone: Semi Rapid Burner, 2000W/70mm
  • Middle front zone: No,
  • Middle rear zone: No,
  • Right front zone: Auxiliary Burner, 1000W/54mm
  • Right rear zone: Multicrown WOK Burner, 4000W/122mm
  • Integrated electric ignition through control knob
  • Gas safety thermocouples: gas is cut off at source if the flame fails Cast iron pan supports
  • Gas conversion kit
  • Main colour: Stainless Steel

Key Specifications

Dimensions (WXD) in mm:


Main colour:

Stainless Steel

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