The fastest way to delicious with Electrolux’s wide range of induction cooktops, featuring premium and advanced electric and gas kitchen hobs, enabling you to create more delicious dishes in less time.

Built-in Electric Hob

Control at your fingertips: The Touch controls on this hob let you turn the heat up, down or off – immediately. They’re precise and easy to use: just use a fingertip to gently slide to the temperature you need. You can be confident they’ll do what you want them to at just the right moment, so you can create delicious meals faster.

The perfect spot for your oval fish pan: Do justice to your ambitions with seafood. This hobs oval FishZone is perfect for creating a gentle, even heat under your fish pan.

Direct access to all your controls – thanks to the on- hob panel: This hob’s controls are designed so that you can always access them straight away. Just reach over and make your adjustments.

Use your power with clever efficiency – thanks to the optimised power distribution: This induction hob has a clever power management system. It shares the power between your activated zones so that you can use your power with real efficiency.

Remembers where you left off: Whenever you get interrupted, you can put your cooking on hold with the Pause button. It makes sure nothing burns if you’re called away from the kitchen and, conveniently, it remembers the different heats under all your pans. So when you’re ready, one touch puts you back exactly where you left off.



  • Direct Access: sliding touch control technology
  • Controls position: Front Right
  • Illuminated controls
  • Left front zone: Hilight, Triple Circuit Round, 800/1600/2300W/120/175/210mm
  • Left rear zone: Hilight, 1200W/145mm
  • Middle front zone: No,
  • Middle rear zone: No,
  • Right front zone: Hilight, 1200W/145mm
  • Right rear zone: Dual Circuit Oval, Hilight, 1500/2400W/170x265mm
  • Automatic fast heating up
  • Key-lock function
  • Child safety lock function
  • Hob safety: Automatic Switch Off
  • Acoustic signal with switch off option
  • CountUp Timer
  • EcoTimerTM
  • Timer function
  • CleverHeatTM function
  • Easy installation thanks to snap-in system
  • Main colour: Black

Key Specifications

Dimensions (WXD) in mm:


Main colour:


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