The fastest way to delicious with Electrolux’s wide range of induction cooktops, featuring premium and advanced electric and gas kitchen hobs, enabling you to create more delicious dishes in less time.

BI Hob

Merge zones for more room to cook with the Bridge Function: The 700 Bridge Induction Hob lets you combine two separate cooking zones to create one large surface. With the temperature and time settings automatically aligned, it’s ideal for making the most of planchas or roasting pots.

MultiBridge – combine zones for more flavour: You can create several large areas to cook on with the Multiple Bridge function in our induction hob. Combined cooking zones share the same temperature and time settings. So you can use a variety of cookware, from planchas to roasting pots, at the same time.

Tailored to the size of your pans with Infinite selfsizing zones: The Infinite self-sizing cooking zones adapt to the size of your pans as soon as they are covered. The zones offer total coverage, whatever the size of your pot, delivering heat with no performance loss. Enjoy accurate and efficient cooking with our self-sizing zones.

Effortlessly time every step of your recipe: The adjustable timer helps you to follow the cooking process effortlessly. It can be set up to one hour, and gives you an accurate reminder of your cooking time. It turns the selected cooking zone off when the time has elapsed and doubles as a minute minder when you’re not using the hob.

Direct touch control for every zone: Easily adjust your hob’s temperature settings with our direct touch controls. Each cooking zone has an individual power control, so it’s clear to see and simple to change the heat settings. And as it’s one smooth surface, it’s easy to clean.



  • Hob type: Induction
  • Hob with bevelled frame
  • Direct Access: sliding touch control technology
  • Controls position: Front Middle
  • Illuminated controls
  • Digital indications for each zone
  • Induction zones with power booster function
  • Pot detection
  • Left front zone: Induction, 2300/3200W/180x210mm
  • Left rear zone: Induction, 2300/3200W/180x210mm
  • Middle front zone: No, 0W/0mm
  • Middle rear zone: No, 0W/0mm
  • Right front zone: Induction, 2300/3200W/180x210mm
  • Right rear zone: Induction, 2300/3200W/180x210mm
  • Automatic fast heating up
  • Key-lock function
  • Child safety lock function
  • Automatic safety switch off
  • Acoustic signal with switch off option
  • CountUp Timer
  • EcoTimer™
  • Timer function
  • CleverHeat™ function
  • Easy installation thanks to snap-in system
  • Main colour: Black

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Electric Hob

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