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Create your favourite smoothie recipes with our range of powerful food processors and hand blenders . Grate , chop , mix and mix with confidence with a powerful motor and sharp yet durable blades.

The Expressionist Hand Blender

The Expressionist hand blender is your magic wand in the kitchen. With its 700W motor, TruFlow Titanium technology, host of accessories and a beautifully designed metal body, meal preparation can literally get done like magic.

  • TruFlow titanium coated bladesThe Expressionist hand blender blades are coated with Titanium to keep them sharper for longer, more durable over time and give you excellent blending results in seconds. Get even, smooth results every time .
  • Powerful 700 W motor: The powerful 700 -watt motor works together with the blades to reduce suction power and eliminate the resistance to make the mixing so much easier.
  • Accessories: A large chopper , a metal whisk and an 800ml beaker

Key Specifications




2 Titanium coated blades that stay sharp for longer than stainless steel


Stainless Steel Body

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