Air Purifiers

Cleaner air will keep your house smelling fresh and help you get a better nights sleep. Our air purifier range make air filtering easy around the home and offer a style that fits seamlessly in your living space.

Air Purifier

The air purifier EAP150AR from the OXYGEN Collection by Electrolux is aesthetic and silent. Very efficient with a maximum treatment capacity of air 153m3 / h for approximately 32m2 surface. It has an electronic control board and a filter for odour with activated carbon called CleanCel(TM). Area served 32 sq.m.

  • Wake up relaxed and refreshed! The fresh air is essential to improve the quality of sleep. This air purifier is equipped with a filtration system Pure Source . Ambient air is sanitises through activated carbon filter that retains odours and HEPA 13 filter that captures 99.97% of dust than 0,3?mAir Quality Detector
  • Air quality detector which automatically (depending on the model) alters the fan speed according to the the level of dust and odours in the air.

Key Specifications

Low noise level:


Charcoal filter retaining odors:

Activated charcoal CleanCel filter to retain bad odors

Multistage air filtration:

Source Pure filtration system removes dirt, dust, pollen and odors in three stages for a 99.97 % air cleaner in your home.