Renew What You Wear,

With A New Way To Care

The PerfectCare Collection

Wear Your Wardrobe With Care

Our wardrobes. One of the most personal things we own. They hold our hopes and memories while perfectly reflecting who we are. They tell stories about us, showing others who we are, and who we want to be. But 70% of garments get thrown out early, caused by irreversible damage due to bad care habits. So we’re taking a stand to say take care of it and wear your wardrobe.


Discover PerfectCare Collection

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Quality garments require quality care

Electrolux’s new PerfectCare Collection is an ingenious blend of styling and technology, offering outstanding performance for gentle and efficient washing and drying.

The PerfectCare Collection is the only addition to your wardrobe that you’ll need.

Your everyday washed with care

Our excellent PerfectCare Washing Machines with SensiCare System adjust the length of the program to the size of the load, using less energy and water and preventing any item from being washed for too long. Enabling the most economical cycles for even your smallest loads. Ensuring your favorites retain their look and feel twice as long. Less wear and tear in every wash.

Your everyday dried with care

Our excellent PerfectCare Tumble Dryers with SensiCare System identify the moisture level of each load using special sensors and adjust the drying time accordingly. Meaning even the smallest load is never exposed to too much heat. You can save time and energy while giving your clothes the care they need whether a week’s washing or that single jumper you simply must wear now.

Fabrics like new for longer,
in one wash-to-dry cycle

The DualCare System adjusts to different fabrics and load weights so that clothes can be cared for at lower temperatures with optimized drum movements. Meaning that everything from cotton and denim through to delicates, woolens and outdoor wear can be cleaned and dried quickly and accurately. Keeping their appearance and quality as good as new for longer.


  • Your textures, completely preserved: In our advanced PerfectCare 800 washing machine with UltraCare System, detergents and softener are fully activated in water before they reach the load. Giving your garments a thorough and consistent clean, quickly and gently.

  • The solution for a longer life: Our UltraCare System pre-mixes detergents for a fast, thorough clean. With the pre-mixed softener, every strand of fabric is reached and protected.

  • 59 minutes to perfect care: Our UltraWash programme delivers a better cleaning performance and improved care in less than one hour, with no compromise on efficiency. Preserving the quality of your clothes for longer.

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