Electrolux Intuitive Range

We were inspired by the aesthetics of Scandinavian design and emphasized uncompromising functionality. We took care of perfect adaptability and paid attention to details. We have added interactivity and perfected intuitive controls. All in order for the smart premium Electrolux Intuit technology to appear in your kitchen.  


Scandinavian design

Our Swedish design approach is human oriented. This means that the Electrolux kitchen appliances are designed in such a way that their use does not require additional efforts, gives more pleasure and opportunities, allows you to discover new tastes and feel new culinary experiences.


The new Electrolux line features intuitive functionality that provides maximum usability. As a result, you can cook as you like, with a result worthy of the best restaurants.




A technique that thinks for you

Regardless of whether you are looking for innovative technologies that guarantee an excellent result every time, or devices that adapt to you and provide convenient cooking and save time, or simply beautiful design, you will find it in our offer. The choice is yours.



Use the help of a chef. AssistedCooking is like cooking under the supervision of a professional chef. Select a dish and the oven will adjust the correct program and time. The best recipes can be added to your favorites.




Familiar dishes are even tastier and healthier with our new range of ovens.

SenseCook®. The oven with food sensor lets you closely monitor the core temperature of your food. And it will even shut off when it has reached the right temperature. Meet your shortcut to tender steak and delicious lasagne.

SteamBake®. With SteamBake technology, at the touch of a button, you can get cooking results worthy of the best bakery. The humidity makes the dough rise to perfection, so the bread is deliciously soft inside, while the dry heat creates a crispy browning on the outside, for always perfect results

SurroundCook®. With the SurroundCook® Oven, everything from crisp roast chicken to delicate meringues are cooked evenly. Our oven makes sure the internal temperature is consistent throughout, as the fan circulates air and heat. So you no longer need to turn dishes or adjust trays.

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Cook like a chef. Innovative induction hobs with intuitive controls, thanks to which you can cook dishes for the most demanding gourmets. Easy, fast and safe with a unique wireless thermal probe that tells you that the dish is ready.




SensePro ™. A panel equipped with a wireless thermal probe will itself control the cooking temperature of your dishes – for example, it will monitor the required degree of steak frying or tell you when the su-view fish is ready.

Sensefry®. The hob automatically selects the desired temperature for each type of dish, and a special sensor supports it and controls the level of heating. 

SenseBoil®. To cook correctly. The technology allows you to adjust the temperature during boiling: a unique vibration sensor detects active boiling and then automatically reduces the heating power.  

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The QuickSelect dishwasher eliminates the problem of guessing the duration of the wash and the suitability of the program for loaded dishes. All you have to do is choose the time and additional options, and the dishwasher will take care of the rest. Your dishes will be clean and dry after each wash.




QuickSelect. Incredibly easy and convenient program selection. Using the slider, select the time during which the dishes should be washed – the rest will be done by the machine itself. Perfectly clean and dry dishes will be ready exactly when you need it.

AirDry. Clever drying. The machine automatically opens the door and releases excess moisture at the end of the washing program. Your dishes are dried using natural ventilation, which means that there are no stains, bacteria or unpleasant odors.

MaxiFlex. Third cutlery basket. Thanks to the increased depth, it holds 14 sets of devices and even corollas and ladles.

Satellite. Powerful double rotation sprinkler. Water jets penetrate into every corner of the chamber and flawlessly wash all dishes even with heavy loads.

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GlassCare. Gentle glass care. A special washing program at 45 °, SoftGrips silicone clips and SoftSpikes holders, as well as glass holders in the lower basket will allow you to gently wash even the most fragile glasses of custom sizes.

SprayZone. Special area for heavily soiled dishes. Simply place the dirtiest pan in the intensive wash area indicated by the blue frame. When a double rotation sprinkler enters this area, the signal from the magnet on it enters the sensor at the bottom of the chamber, as a result of which the water pressure increases. The most difficult pollution is removed easily and effectively.

ComfortLift. The most comfortable loading and unloading utensils. Now you do not need to strain your back, constantly bending and unbending – with the help of a unique mechanism, raise the lower basket to a height convenient for you in one smooth motion.

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